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Discover our wide range of protective gloves that are used for different industries. Amsafe is a professional manufacturer of industrial and medical PPE gloves. We manufacture these gloves using advanced technologies with innovation and creativity in mind.

We offer a wide range of protective gloves for aerospace including general purpose gloves, chemical resistant gloves, and more.

Amsafe offers protective glove that is widely used for agriculture to protect user from bacteria, insecticides, extreme temperature, etc.

We provide protective gloves for airport and port staff to be used for signaling planes and when working outside to ensure protection.

Our automotive protective gloves can protect you from potential hazardous liquids such as gas, motor oil, transmission fluids, and more.

Amsafe offers chemical resistant gloves that are used in chemical laboratories in producing cleaning solvents to protect hands, wrist, and arms.

Ime ụlọ ọcha

Here in Amsafe, we have a wide range of protective gloves that used by cleanroom staff for protection against contamination.

Ịkụ azụ ahịa

We have different types of protective gloves for commercial fishing to provide fishermen’s hands with protection and better aquatic handling.


Amsafe offers protective gloves that provide superior flexibility and maximum protection to all people working in the construction industry.

Gloves for DIY

Our protective gloves are ideal to be used for applications such as DIY projects. It protects hands from cuts, cold, laceration, and more.

Gloves maka eletrọnịkị

We can provide different sets of gloves for electronics industry. It provides protection when working with PCBs, semiconductor, and more.

Gloves for Engineering

Our wide range of protective gloves are suitable for engineering industry to protect the wearer from cuts, chemicals, burns, and lubricants.

Gloves for Food Industry

We offer protective gloves to provide safer food handling. Amsafe produces safety gloves with flexibility to protect the hands from injuries.

Gloves for Glass Industry

At Amsafe, we have a wide variety of glass handling gloves to protect the hands from broken shards, hot surfaces, and other potential hazards.

Gloves for Glass Industry (1)

As a professional manufacturer, we produce all types of protective gloves for healthcare industry such as latex, nitrile, and more.

Gloves for Janitorial

Here at Amsafe, we offer a wide range of protective janitorial gloves that are important to provide protection for workforce team.

  • Fabric gloves
  • Disposable safety gloves
  • Leather safety gloves
  • gloves na-eguzogide mmetụta
  • Rigger gloves
  • Mechanic style safety gloves
  • String knit gloves
  • Chemical and Liquid Resistant gloves
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Puncture Resistant Gloves, and more
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  • Fit
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  • Mgbatị
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